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“It is best for us to continue in the belief that Eve actually ate an apple, and immediately ruined Adam in consequence! I like this belief, too, it speaks so well for the progressive power of women.” – 26 July 1857, ‘Early journalism’, in The Morgesons and Other Writings

Elizabeth Drew Stoddard

The sadness of others one should leave alone. It is a small garden, a fragile delicate Arcadia, one should not disturb it. –  I Am the Brother of XX

Fleur Jaeggy

Menagerie of Authors

Gamel Woolsey - Gamel Woolsey (née Elizabeth Gammell Woolsey, May 28, 1897 – January 18, 1968) was an American writer. She was the daughter of a cotton plantation owner and a Charleston… Read more "Gamel Woolsey"
Dorothy Bussy - Dorothy Bussy (née Dorothea Strachey, 24 July 1865 – 1 May 1960) was an English writer and translator. She attended the Marie Souvestre boarding school for girls at Les Ruches,… Read more "Dorothy Bussy"
Carmen Dolores (Emília Moncorvo Bandeira de Mello) - Carmen Dolores (March 11, 1852 – August 16, 1910) was the pen-name of Brazilian writer Emília Moncorvo Bandeira de Mello. She was born in Rio de Janeiro… Read more "Carmen Dolores (Emília Moncorvo Bandeira de Mello)"
Maria Benedita Bormann - Maria Benedita Bormann (née Maria Benedita Bormann of Câmara Lima; November 25, 1853 – July 23, 1895) was a Brazilian writer. Little is known about her formal… Read more "Maria Benedita Bormann"
André Gide - André Gide (André Paul Guillaume Gide, 22 November 1869 – 19 February 1951) was a French writer. Born into an austere Protestant family, Gide was educated mostly at… Read more "André Gide"


About this [blank] garden

“I am younger each year at the first snow.”
– Anne Sexton, in a letter to W. D. Snodgrass, in 1958.
A Self-portrait in Letters, (2004)

This is my blank space. A white page, as good as a garden covered in snow, not yet cultivated, but with some strong Spring hidden within; something simple, clean, yet to be stained; a seed with some flower all curled up inside, first waiting, then slowly unraveling.

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